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Guide To Accessing The Best Solo Card Sports Betting Sites

Solo Card sports betting sites are beginning to emerge in the online gambling arena, and UK players will be very pleased to see this. For those new to this payment option, the Solo Card is a UK debit card that is bank issued. It is tied directly to your bank account and transfers funds from that account to the merchant at which you are making your purchase. It operates like any other debit card and offers you the convenience and flexibility without putting your credit card or bank account numbers at risk. This popular UK debit card is widely accepted at thousands of merchants worldwide and is a part of the Maestro network, which is backed by MasterCard.

Many players open a special bank account for their Solo Card and fund it with only the funds they have designated for their online gambling entertainment. This serves multiple purposes. First, it operates as a self imposed spending limit. When you initiate a funds transfer at a sports betting site accepting Solo Card deposits, your issuing bank must issue an electronic approval. Once funds availability is confirmed (instantly and in real time), your approval is granted and the funds are instantly transferred. With this process it is impossible to overspend or go into debt. You cannot spend more money than you have available in your account. Secondly, using this debit card keeps you from tapping into money that you have not deemed as 'expandable'. If you have wisely opened a special account just for your gambling activity, then you cannot tap into your day to day living budget, mortgage payment, or life savings.

While the Solo Card is a very popular UK debit card online payment solution, it has not quite caught on completely with online sportsbooks. We do expect that in time to see many more Solo Card sportsbooks and additional brands get on board with this convenient and popular option. Until that time, we do have a hand full of eligible high quality sports books available to you that offer this option in their banking suite. While the list may be short, it is made up completely of the top rated brands in the industry, so at least you're getting the cream of the crop! If you would like to add additional sportsbook brands to the mix and still utilize a debit card which ties directly to your bank account, we recommend you try out one of the other featured debit card options, such as Maestro Card Sportsbooks or Visa Electron Sportsbooks.

The sportsbooks accepting Solo Card deposits that you see listed below have all been thoroughly vetted by our team of online gambling professionals. We have tested, evaluated, and examined every single aspect of each brand to determine that it should be included in this guide as an industry leading sports betting option. We also remain real money registered players at each of them as we would never recommend an online gambling site that we ourselves are not willing to spend our own money at. You'll find an overall outstanding sports betting experience at any of these choices, and will be offered a nice welcome bonus to thank you for trying them out. Unfortunately the Solo Card is not US friendly at this time.

Featured Solo Card Sports Betting Site

Solo Card Sports Betting Sites

# Sportsbook Link Sportsbook Bonus USA?
1. BetOnline Sportsbook 25% Deposit Bonus on every deposit usa flag
2. DSI Sportsbook 20% up to $500 usa flag