How to Bet on Sports Intelligently – Proper Mindset and Bankroll Management

If you want to understand how to bet on sports and enjoy more wins than losses, you are not alone. The average Internet sports gambler is not trying to live off of his or her gambling efforts, and may just be planning to add a little excitement to an otherwise boring game. But with the right sports betting strategy, the savvy bettor understands that he can significantly increase his expectation of winning, over the long haul. There may be substantial ups and downs along the way, but by employing the correct mindset, some intelligent bankroll management, and taking your emotions out of your wagers, you can drastically improve the chances that you will win more and lose less. This will be important for players who are participating in USA sports betting or UK sports betting action.

Learning how to bet on sports intelligently first means figuring out how much of a bankroll you have to begin with. Internet sportsbooks are generous in that they will reward your initial deposit, and often times subsequent deposits, with a matching bonus. For instance, if you deposit $100 a particular website may reward you with a matching $100. Just understand that this is not free money, and there are wagering requirements you must meet. But for all intents and purposes, first grab the largest bonus you can find. This will improve your bankroll immediately, and the ability for you to act in a big way when you see a very favorable situation. Also, and the typical gambler does not think about this, do your research first, and only open accounts at those Internet sportsbooks which offer the most favorable lines.

This has to do with your mindset. By using the right way of thinking and grabbing the most bonus money you can, and then only placing a wager where you can get the most attractive line, side or total, you are teaching yourself to bet without emotion. This is a key component of any successful sports betting strategy. The next thing you want to do to give yourself the best opportunity at winning when you place a wager on a sporting event or contest is to open multiple accounts at different online sportsbooks. This gives you the ability to compare the numbers on a particular contest you were thinking about wagering on, letting you shop for the best line. Why lay 3.0 points when you can lay 2.5?

Also remember that discovering how to bet on sports so you can improve your chances at a positive expectation means dividing your bankroll into units. This has been an effective sports betting strategy as long as gambling has existed. If you want to bet on this year's National Football League or Major League Baseball season, divide the weeks of possible wagers offered into your bankroll. A $10,000 roll means that you can expect to wager up to $400 per week during an NFL football season, if you are going to bet on the pre-season (4 weeks) and postseason play (4 weeks) as well as the regular season (17 weeks). And never bet that weekly amount simply because the week is coming to an end. At the end of the week, do the math again, and adjust your bets accordingly.

One thing you probably know about how to bet on sports is that the typical spread or line is not created to display the true difference between two teams' potential or talent. Oddsmakers create and move the line in an effort to receive exactly the same amount of money wagered on both sides of the contest. This gives them no risk, as they will simply then take a 10% loser's commission that is a standard in the industry. Because of this, before you investigate the line, side or total of a particular game, an intelligent sports betting strategy is to come up with your own idea as to the outcome of the contest. Then when you go shopping for lines, you can compare what is available to what you believe is going to happen, rather than letting a particular sportsbook or website first show you the lines that are available.

Also, one of the most basic and intelligent pieces of a winning sports betting strategy, and one of the hardest to practice, is to never bet on your favorite team. It is very difficult to technically give a detached and impartial assessment of a particular sports contest when you are a rabid fan of one of the participants. Throughout the basic tips we gave here about how to bet on sports in such a way that you improve your odds of winning, you will see that we preach emotionless wagering. Only through a technical investigation of a sporting contest or event, and proper bankroll management, can you ever realize a positive expectation for winning in the long term, unless you are happy to leave the outcome to the lady luck.

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